Have I Offended Someone?

April 8th 1997
Have I Offended Someone?


  • Bobby Brown Goes Down
  • Disco Boy
  • Goblin Girl
  • In France
  • He's So Gay
  • SEX
  • Titties 'N Beer
  • We're Turning Again
  • Dumb All Over
  • Catholic Girls
  • Dinah-Moe Humm
  • Tinsel Town Rebellion
  • Valley Girl
  • Jewish Princess
  • Yo Cats
Official Release #67
Originally Released: April 8, 1997
Label: Zappa Records
Catalog #: ZR3890
Produced by Frank Zappa
UMRK Engineer: Spencer Chrislu
Liner Notes by Edward Sanders
Cover Art by Ralph Steadman,
Vaultmeisterment, Bakery Magic & 1630 Transfers by Joe Travers, 2011, UMRK.
Digital Layout by Michael Mesker for Zappa Records
Melanie Starks, Production Manager