Hot Rats

October 10th 1969
Hot Rats


  • Peaches En Regalia
  • Willie The Pimp
  • Son Of Mr. Green Genes
  • Little Umbrellas
  • The Gumbo Variations
  • It Must Be A Camel

Official Release #8
Catalog Number: ZR3841
Produced/Composed/Directed by Frank Zappa
Frank Zappa: Guitar, Octave Bass, Percussion 
Ian Underwood: Piano, Organus Maximus, All Clarinets, All Saxes 
Lowell George: Rhythm Guitar
Captain Beefheart: Vocal on “Willie The Pimp”
Sugar Cane Harris: Violin on “Willie The Pimp” & “The Gumbo Variations”
Jean Luc Ponty: Violin on “It Must Be A Camel” 
John Guerin: Drums on “Willie The Pimp”, “Little Umbrellas” & “It Must Be A Camel”
Paul Humphrey: Drums on “Son Of Mr. Green Genes” & “The Gumbo Variations”
Ron Selico: Drums on “Peaches En Regalia”
Max Bennett: Bass on “Willie The Pimp”, “Son Of Mr. Green Genes”, “Little Umbrellas”, “The Gumbo Variations” & “It Must Be A Camel”
Shuggy Otis: Bass on “Peaches En Regalia”
Engineers: Dick Kunc-Whitney Studios • Jack Hunt-T.T.G. • Cliff Goldstein-T.T.G. • Brian Ingoldsby-Sunset Sound
Recorded 16 track August through September 1969 
Mastered 2008 by Bernie Grundman from FZ’s original edited master.
Art Direction, Concept, Liner Notes & Text by Frank Zappa, NT&B.
Cover Art Photo: Andee Nathanson
Cover design: Cal Schenkel 
Interior design: John Williams
This movie for your ears was produced and directed by Frank Zappa.