Jazz From Hell

November 15th 1986
Jazz From Hell


  • Night School
  • The Beltway Bandits
  • While You Were Art II
  • Jazz From Hell
  • G-Spot Tornado
  • Damp Ankles
  • St. Etienne
  • Massaggio Galore

Official Release #47
Catalog Number: ZR 3875
Produced, Composed and Arranged by Frank Zappa


Frank Zappa – Lead Guitar
Steve Vai – Rhythm Guitar
Ray White – Rhythm Guitar 
Tommy Mars – Keyboards 
Bobby Martin – Keyboards 
Ed Mann – Percussion 
Scott Thunes – Bass 
Chad Wackerman – Drums

Computer Assistant: Bob Rice
Engineered by Bob Stone
Recorded Digitally At UMRK
Cover Photo: Greg Gorman

All compositions executed by Frank Zappa on the Synclavier DMS with the exception of “St. Etienne.”


Jazz From Hell won the 1988 GRAMMY® Award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance.

"Things in America can be from hell. Right now we have a president from hell, and a National Security Council from hell, so we should add Jazz from Hell also."