Joe’s Domage

October 1st 2004
Joe’s Domage


  • When it’s perfect...
  • The New Brown Clouds
  • Frog Song
  • It Just Might Be A One Shot Deal
  • The ending line...
  • Blessed Relief/The New Brown Clouds
  • It Ain’t Real So What's The Deal
  • Think It Over (some)/Think It Over (some more)
  • Another Whole Melodic Section
  • When it feels natural...

Official Release #73
Originally Released: October 1, 2004
Label: Vaulternative
Catalog Number: VR 20042

The Musicians:

FZ: guitar, voice
Tony Duran: guitar, vocals
Ian Underwood: organ
Sal Marquez: trumpet
Malcolm McNab: trumpet
Ken Shroyer: trombone
Tony Ortega: baritone sax
Alex Dmochowski: bass, vocals
Aynsley Dunbar: drums


Vaultmeisterment & Production by: Joe Travers for UMRK & the Vault
Masterment by: Stephen Marcussen, Marcussen Mastering
Series Concept & Art Direction by: GZ
Photoshoppage, Renderment & Layoutage by: Keith Lawler
Liner Notes by: GZ