Joe’s XMASage

December 21st 2005
Joe’s XMASage


  • Mormon Xmas Dance Report
  • Prelude To “The Purse”
  • Mr. Clean (Alternate Mix)
  • Why Don'tcha Do Me Right?
  • The Muthers/Power Trio
  • The Purse
  • The Moon Will Never Be The Same
  • GTR Trio
  • Suckit Rockit
  • Mousie’s First Xmas
  • The Uncle Frankie Show

Official Release #75
Catalog Number: VR 20051 
All Recordings Produced by: FZ

Album Notes:
Vaultmeisterment & Compilation Production by Joe Travers for UMRK & the Vault
Audio Restoration & Mastering by John Polito
Original art by FZ
Corsaga Concept, Liner Notes, Art & Other Directions by GZ
Title Renderment & Layoutrage by Tracy Veal