The Old Masters, Box Three

December 1st 1987
The Old Masters, Box Three

Official Release #49 
Catalog Number: BPR 9999
Originally Released: December 1987 
Produced by Frank Zappa 

9 × Vinyl, LP, Remastered  
Box Set, Compilation  

Waka/Jawaka / Frank Zappa  (BPR-9999-1) 
The Grand Wazoo / Frank Zappa  (BPR-9999-2)
Over-Nite Sensation / Zappa/Mothers  (BPR-9999-3)
Apostrophe (') / Frank Zappa  (BPR-9999-4)
Roxy & Elsewhere / Zappa/Mothers  (BPR-9999-5)
One Size Fits All / Zappa/Mothers (BPR-9999-6)
Bongo Fury / Zappa/Beefheart (BPR-9999-7)
Zoot Allures / Zappa (BPR-9999-8)

Individually numbered on back of box. Number begins with ZM3 followed by a 5-digit serial no. 

This box set is a collection of remastered Frank Zappa, Frank Zappa & Mothers Of Invention, and The Mothers records originally released from 1972 to 1976. These albums were not sold separately.