One Shot Deal

June 13th 2008
One Shot Deal


  • Bathtub Man
  • Space Boogers
  • Hermitage
  • Trudgin’ Across The Tundra
  • Occam’s Razor
  • Heidelberg
  • The Illinois Enema Bandit
  • Australian Yellow Snow
  • Rollo

Official Release #83
Catalog Number: ZR 20007
All Tracks Produced by Frank Zappa

OSD Produced by Gail Zappa & Joe Travers
Vaultmeisterment by Joe Travers
Mastered by Bernie Grundman

Ok.  This is where all the zany miscellany can be found - on the inside of the package - in the liner notes.  Not like what you would line the bottom of your birdcage with - but really, like the notes you might keep for some fabulous trip across an ocean on a major seagoing vessel.  For me, it’s usually a little bit reminiscence and mostly documentary steerage about what, how and sometimes why we got here from out there.

You will note the bandwidth on this recording is wide and the era septidecant.  Since this is literally a quickie - a sort of us daring ourselves to get this together on the fly without the wall - it turns out that Joe had already set aside 2 sections of FZ ‘build reel’ material so we decided one would open and the other would close what just might be a one shot deal.  Now we just had to fill in the blanks.  The guitar was the main element for me and the instant I heard Occam’s Razor I knew that this was where we had to go.  Meanwhile, concurrently trapped in Spring Cleaning mode, I happened upon a drawer that surely had not been opened for maybe 20 years.  And right there it was - the cover shot!  A One Shot Deal if ever there was a roadmap in Serendipity.  Amusing that FZ had always maintained that he was in the business of connecting the dots and here they were . . .

Now appearing for the first time on CD these recordings is a sandwich - the Bun being 2 FZ Constructs.  The Crux of the Biscuit here really is the confinement loaf, comprised of Tracks 1 - 4, and Tracks 8 & 9 - all put together (sequenced/edited) by FZ and just as we found them in the Vault.  For me the Burger is Occam’s Razor.  But all of these tracks were Produced/Recorded/Composed/Arranged/Conducted/Constructed/Mixed by FZ and set aside by him for some project about which we can only speculate.  Still, you can say Darker and Darker and we can say yes, we have fries with that.  And the special sauce.