Orchestral Favorites 40th Anniversary Edition

August 30th 2019
Orchestral Favorites 40th Anniversary Edition


  • Strictly Genteel
  • Pedro’s Dowry
  • Naval Aviation In Art?
  • Duke Of Prunes
  • Bogus Pomp
  • Strictly Genteel (Keyboard OD Version)
  • Show start/Bogus Pomp Explained
  • Bogus Pomp
  • Revised Music For Low-Budget Symphony Orchestra
  • The Story Of Pedro’s Dowry
  • Pedro’s Dowry
  • The Story Of Rollo
  • Rollo
  • Black Napkins Instructions
  • Black Napkins
  • Dog/Meat
  • The Players
  • Naval Aviation In Art?
  • “Another Weirdo Number”
  • Lumpy Gravy (Extract)/Improvisation)
  • Evening At The Hermitage
  • “A Special Guest Artist”
  • Duke Of Prunes
  • “Absolutely Disgusting”
  • The Adventures Of Greggery Peccary
  • Strictly Genteel

Official Release #113
Catalog Number: ZR20030 

Produced for release by Ahmet Zappa & Joe Travers
Original Masters Produced by Frank Zappa
96K 24B WAV Digital Transfers by Joe Travers, UMRK/Joe’s Garage
Disc 1: Mastered by Bob Ludwig, Gateway Mastering 2019
Disc 2-3: Mixed & Mastered by Craig Parker Adams at Winslow Ct. Studios, 2019
Original Cover Painting by Gary Panter
Photography by John Williams, courtesy of The Vault
Package Design by Michael Mesker
Production Manager: Melanie Starks
Liner Notes: Terry Bozzio, Joe Travers
Illustrations: Terry Bozzio
Special Thanks to Charles Ulrich and Bill Lantz for their helpful research of the Royce Hall engagement.


The Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra
(A Not Complete But Most Likely Correct List Of Participants)

Frank Zappa – Composer, Conductor, Guitar
Terry Bozzio – Drums
Dave Parlato – Bass
Alan Estes – Percussion
John Bergamo – Percussion
Emil Richards – Percussion
Tom Raney – Percussion
Mike Lang – Keyboards
Ralph Grierson – Keyboards
Ian Underwood – Keyboards
Bill Mays – Clavinet
Bobby Dubow – Violin
John Wittenberg – Violin
Pamela Goldsmith – Viola
Jerry Kessler – Cello
Lou Anne Neill – Harp
Gene Goe – Trumpet
Malcolm McNab – Trumpet
Roy Poper – Trumpet
Bruce Fowler – Trombone
Jock Ellis – Trombone
Kenny Shroyer – Trombone
Dana Hughes – Bass Trombone
Don Waldrop – Tuba And Contrabass Trombone
Arthur Briegleb – French Horn
David Duke – French Horn
Todd Miller – French Horn
Bob Henderson – French Horn
Dave Shostac – Flute, Tenor Sax
Gary Foster – 2nd Flute (And Doubles)
Ray Reed – Flute, Alto Sax
Vic Morosco – Clarinet, Alto Sax
Jay Migliori – Clarinet, Tenor Sax
Mike Altschul – Bass Clarinet, Baritone Sax
Earle Dumler – Oboe, English Horn, Bass Oboe
John Winter – Oboe, English Horn
David Sherr – 2nd Oboe And Tenor Saxophone
Joann Caldwell – Bassoon
Bobby Tricarico – Bassoon, Contra Bassoon
Tommy Morgan – Harmonica
Michael Zearott – Conductor