Road Tapes, Venue #1

October 31st 2012
Road Tapes, Venue #1


  • The Importance Of An Earnest Attempt (By Hand)
  • Help, I'm A Rock/Transylvania Boogie
  • Flopsmash Musics
  • Hungry Freaks, Daddy
  • The Orange County Lumber Truck
  • The Rewards Of A Career In Music
  • Trouble Every Day
  • Shortly: Suite Exists Of Holiday In Berlin Full Blown
  • Pound For A Brown
  • Sleeping In A Jar
  • Oh, In The Sky
  • Octandre*
  • King Kong

Official Release #92
Catalog Number: VR 20122
Composed/Arranged/Conducted by Frank Zappa
CD Produced by Gail Zappa

*Octandre is Composed by Edgar Varèse.

The Mothers Of Invention:
FZ—guitar, vocals
Don Preston—keyboards
Ian Underwood—keyboards, woodwinds
Bunk Gardner—woodwinds, voice
Motorhead Sherwood—baritone sax, tambourine, harmonica
Roy Estrada—bass, vocals
Jimmy Carl Black—drums, vocals
Art Tripp III—drums, percussion

Kerrisdale Arena, Vancouver, BC, Canada
August 25, 1968

Produced by GZ & Joe Travers
Vaultmeisterment by Joe Travers
Mastering & audio restoration by John Polito