ZAPPA ’88: The Last U.S. Show

June 18th 2021
ZAPPA ’88: The Last U.S. Show


  • "We Are Doing Voter Registration Here"
  • The Black Page - New Age Version
  • I Ain’t Got No Heart
  • Love Of My Life
  • Inca Roads
  • Sharleena
  • Who Needs The Peace Corps?
  • I Left My Heart In San Francisco
  • Dickie’s Such An Asshole
  • When The Lie's So Big
  • Jesus Thinks You’re A Jerk
  • Sofa #1
  • One Man, One Vote
  • Happy Birthday, Chad
  • Packard Goose Pt. I
  • Royal March From "L'Histoire Du Soldat"
  • Theme From The Bartok Piano Concerto #3
  • Packard Goose Pt. II
  • The Torture Never Stops Pt. I
  • Theme From Bonanza
  • Lonesome Cowboy Burt
  • The Torture Never Stops Pt. II
  • City Of Tiny Lites
  • Pound For A Brown
  • The Beatles Medley
  • Peaches En Regalia
  • Stairway To Heaven
  • I Am The Walrus
  • Whipping Post
  • Bolero
  • America The Beautiful

Official Release #119
Catalog Number: ZR 20036

FRANK ZAPPA: Lead Guitar, Computer-Synth, Vocal
IKE WILLIS: Guitar, Synth, Vocal
MIKE KENEALLY: Guitar, Synth, Vocal
ROBERT MARTIN: Keyboards, Vocal
ED MANN: Vibes, Marimba, Electronic Percussion
WALT FOWLER: Trumpet, Flugel Horn, Synth
PAUL CARMAN: Alto, Soprano and Baritone Sax
KURT McGETTRICK: Baritone Sax, Bass Sax, Contrabass Clarinet
SCOTT THUNES: Electric Bass, Mini-Moog
CHAD WACKERMAN: Drums, Electronic Percussion

Original Recordings Produced by Frank Zappa

Produced for release by Ahmet Zappa & Joe Travers
Original Recording Engineer: Bob Stone, UMRK Mobile
Source: Sony DASH PCM 3324 48 Track Digital
Transferred to 441K16B.WAV by Joe Travers, Zappa Records, L.A.
Mixed by Craig Parker Adams, Winslow Ct. Studios, 2020
Mastered by John Polito, Audio Mechanics, 2020

Photography: Peder Andersson/Premium Rockshot
Additional images courtesy of the Vault
Package Design: Michael Mesker
Production Management: Melanie Starks
Liner Notes: Chad Wackerman, Joe Travers

Special Thanks to: The League Of Women Voters, The Office of Mario Cuomo, Holland Greco, Devon Spencer, Scott Parker

Uniondale Guest Stars: Eric Buxton, “The Long Island Ballet Company”