ZappaCast Episode #36: The Roxy Performances

Look who’s talking again! It’s none other than the Vaultmeister, Joe Travers!

Joe took some time off from his job pounding them pagan skins for Joe Satriani to chat about the fantastic new box set, The Roxy Performances! The box features all of the shows Frank Zappa and his Mothers performed for film cameras and some lucky fans at the Roxy in scenic downtown Hollywood in December of 1973 PLUS lots of bonus material – soundchecks, rehearsals and the Bolic Sound Studios session! A truly fabulous optional entertainment experience awaits you – pick it up at, Amazon and lots of other places besides!

The musical selections heard in this episode are all from The Roxy Performances:

“I’m The Slime” (December 9th Show 2)
“Montana” (December 10th Show 1)
“Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing?” (December 10th Show 2)
“Inca Roads” (December 9th Show 2)
“Village Of The Sun” (December 10th Show 2)
“Dupree’s Paradise” (December 10th Show 1)
“That Arrogant Dick Nixon” (December 10th Rehearsal)
“RDNZL” (December 10th Show 2)
“Kung Fu” (Bolic Sound Studios December 12th)
“Dickie’s Such An Asshole” (December 10th Show 1)