Show Notes: 

The Yellow Shark

Frank Zappa was a man of many faces: rock guitarist, jazz composer and razor-sharp political satirist. In the last years of his life he established his name for good as a gifted composer. The last work he released for his death, The Yellow Shark , is his classic masterpiece. The Dutch ensemble Insomnio now brings highlights from The Yellow Shark with their performance.

Insomnio is a Dutch ensemble for contemporary music, specialist in the work of contemporary, mainly Dutch, composers and masterpieces from the 20th century. The complex rhythms and raw playfulness of The Yellow Shark is Insomnio. The Yellow Shark is one of the favorite works of singer-songwriter Tom Waits, who said: 'Frank Zappa rules with Elmore James on his left and Stravinsky on his right.'

Ulrich Pöhl conductor



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