Show Notes: 

The American Frank Zappa was one of the great geniuses of postwar music. The untouchable modern master Edgard Varèse was his hero. Zappa himself drew not hesitate to throw everything into the mix: Stravinsky, jazz, rock and bawdy jokes. It makes Zappa's music instantly recognizable, but devilishly difficult to implement. Fortunately there is Ensemble Musik Fabrik. This international top ensemble is just as broad view as Zappa plays his music for years exactly as it should be: on the tops of their abilities, with all the stops. The emphasis in the program with Zappa's jazz rock period of the 70s, the time of steaming big bands and hallucinatory improvisations. The notoriously tough Black Page sounds even in three different versions. As a tribute to Zappa's hero program begins with classic Varèse's Ionisation.


Ulrich Löffler, keys

Frank Wingold, electric guitar

Christopher Brandt, electric bass

Dirk Rothbrust, percussion, conductor (Zappa)

Paul Jeukendrup, sound direction

Ensemble Musikfabrik

Carl Rosman, conductor (Varèse)

Ali N. Askin, arrangements


Introductory talk at 7:15pm



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