Show Notes: 

Stressa Festival

F. ZAPPA, The Yellow Shark
Première in Italy

The Dog Breath Variations; Uncle Meat; Outrage at Valdez; Times beach II (brass quintet version); The girl in the Magnesium Dress; Be-Bop tango; Ruth is sleeping (piano solo); None of the Above (string quintet); Pentagon Afternoon; Questi cazzi di piccione; Times beach III (brass quintet version); Pound for a Brown; Exercise #4; Get Whitey; G-Spot Tornado

This concert marks the première in Italy of Frank Zappa’s last music project, The Yellow Shark, dated 1993, issued in a CD before his death. His use of a classical ensemble illustrates the outstanding creativity of this great American guitarist. He has no trouble tackling a contemporary piece but never loses his eclectic gift for producing a personal language that is always recognisable. Zappa’s stature comes through in every single item of this exceptional work, the musical testament of a great artist who left us too early.



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