Who The F*@% Is Frank Zappa?

Filmmaker Alex Winter invites Zappa fans to help save Frank's archives and make the definitive Zappa movie with his new Kickstarter project, Who the F*@% is Frank Zappa? Check it out for a great mission and some absurd FZ rewards:


An Update from Ahmet Zappa:

Hey Everybody,
People have been asking so I just wanted to clarify that the family is proud to give Alex Winter and his project our complete support, as well as unrestricted access to the Vault. This is the first time we've ever opened the Vault to someone outside of our family, but Alex is an exceptional filmmaker and storyteller, and we are excited to see him tell Frank's story.
While we appreciate that the Kickstarter will help us with the larger project of preserving the Vault, I want to make sure everyone knows that this is NOT our project but we absolutely SUPPORT the project and Alex, and that the Zappa Family Trust will not receive any of the funds Alex raises during the Kickstarter (though if someone makes the $9 million pledge, which would obviously be awesome, a portion of that pledge will be used to purchase the house from the family at its market value). 
Alongside the rest of you, we're excited to see what Alex and his team will find.