ZappaCast Episode #30: A Halloween chat with the Vaultmeister

“Happy Halloween, everybody!” — FZ 

And yes indeed, it is our 30TH EPISODE, and it’s HALLOWEEN, and it’s SPECIAL…why? Because we are celebrating with the VAULTMEISTER himself, Mr. JOE TRAVERS! Joe answers questions galore (some from you, loyal ZappaCast listeners) and generally proves himself to be the truly wonderful human that he is!! Add in THREE exclusive preview tracks (“Sy Borg”, “Rollo” and “Uncle Meat (live at Columbia University)”) from the forthcoming Zappa albums CHICAGO ’78, LITTLE DOTS and MEAT LIGHT (all released on November 4th) and you’ve got…Festoonery!

Hotcha and more hotcha! HAPPY HALLOWEEN from the ZAPPACAST!!!