ZappaCast Episode #34: A Halloween Treat with Thomas Nordegg!

Salutations, ZappaCast hobgoblins!!! Yes indeedy folks, the ZappaCast celebrates ZAPPAWEEN (it’s a holiday now!) with a most special show, featuring the treat that is an interview with Zappa road crew personage extraordinaire, THOMAS NORDEGG!! Thomas sits down with Scott and the Vaultmeister (Mr. Joe Travers) for a wide-ranging interview covering his time with FZ. 

Also, you will be treated to a sneak preview of tracks from the latest official Frank Zappa release, Halloween ’77!!! This box set includes ALL SIX SHOWS from the very famous Halloween 1977 run at the Palladium in New York City, from which came the movie and album BABY SNAKES! Go to and get this groovy Halloween treat today!!!