Zappacast Episode #54: Joe’s Homage: An Erie Box Companion

What is it about Erie, PA? Is there something in the wooder? Scott Parker and Phil Surkis chat  with Joe Travers about his latest passion project: Zappa: Erie, a 6CD box set featuring three unbelievably fantastic shows made in and around his hometown of Erie, Pennsylvania – Edinboro College (5/8/74), Gannon University (11/12/74), and The Erie County Fieldhouse (11/12/ 76).

Plus, Joe reveals the origin of how the Vaultmeister came to be, and tells us about The Zappa Band’s current east coast tour!

The ‘Zappa/Erie’ box comes out on June 17, and you can pre-order here:

CLICK HERE to listen to “Montana”, “You Didn’t Try To Call Me” and “Village of the Sun” from the box set! 

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