Zappacast Episode #55: Take It Away, Jim Pons!

He was the voice of Billy the Mountain. He was the voice of Jeff Simmons’  bad conscience. Heck, he was even the voice of god! It’s safe to say that Frank Zappa trusted Jim Pons voice.

Scott Parker and Phil Surkis were honored and thmorilled to chat with The Leaves/Turtles/Mothers legend, Jim Pons.  Jim did not disappoint with amazing stories from his brief, yet bright time with the vaudeville edition of The Mothers.

Jim shares intimate details about the ill-fated Montreux and Rainbow shows of 1971. Did you know that Mr. Pons created one of the most famous bass lines in rock history? 

To dig deeper, seek out The Mothers 1971 box set, Just Another Band From L.A., The 200 Motels box set

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