Zappacast Episode #58: From FZ To Surf City with David Logeman

Scott Parker, Joe Travers & Phil Surkis ain’t messin’ around, as they chat with the best Zappa drummer you never heard in your life. Yes, David Logeman, from the short lived spring/summer 1980 lineup, is on hand to celebrate the new release Zappa ’80: Mudd Club/Munich.

You’ll hear a first hand account from Mr. Logeman of what actually happened on the floor at the Mudd Club, the night when both Vinnie Colaiuta and Terry Bozzio were in the audience, and how he beat over 50 auditioning drummers to secure his place for the spring/summer 1980 tour. All this, plus a not to be believed story of how the Vaultmeister first crossed paths with David, shortly before this podcast was recorded!

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