ZAPPACAST EPISODE #62: The History And Collected Improvisations Of The Mothers Of Invention: Epilogue

Did you think we were done talking about Frank Zappa’s greatest unreleased masterpiece, The History and Collected Improvisations of The Mothers Of Invention? Yes, we know that we just finished our three episode run on this subject (check them out here). The credits rolled. But then we thought, “If our favorite Marvel movie can have a fancy post-credits scene, then why can’t we?

It’s time to roll the tympani as Scott Parker, Phil Surkis, and Joe “Vaultmeister” Travers return to answer some listener questions, and maybe even make some new discoveries in this “NeverEnding Story”!

If you’re playing catch-up and need to know what the fuss is about, we recommend you study this recently discovered document. It contains FZ’s intended sequence of songs for a 9 LP version of this planned, but never released box set.

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