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ZappaCast, Episode #8: Mothers ’67

October 6, 2012

SNAT! The ZappaCast takes you all the way back, boys and girls…back to the 1960s with the peaceful and loving Mothers Of Invention. You’ll hear two concerts from 1967 (Lund and Copenhagen) in their (as far as we know) entirety. Professor Ekers gives you some serious info on FZ’s Gibson Switchmaster guitar in his Zappa’s […]

ZappaCast, Episode #6: DweezilCast

April 9, 2012

ZappaCast becomes DweezilCast! Just in time for the new Dweezil Zappa Plays Zappa tour (the first of 2012) we proudly present part one of an EXCLUSIVE interview with Dweezil himself. We cover all (or a good many of) the bases! And if that weren’t enough, the Lengendary and and Brilliant (at the same time even) […]

ZappaCast Episode #7: DweezilCast 2

April 5, 2012

DweezilCast continues! In this episode, our two-part blockbuster interview with Dweezil Zappa concludes. We hear a pair of tracks from Dweezil’s new album FOH. Professor Ekers takes an in-depth look at FZ’s famous Hendrix Strat, and Reverend Greenaway blesses us with some news!

ZappaCast, Episode #5

January 4, 2012

ZappaCast…the holiday episode! In the new episode, your humble correspondent types each tackle a different subject. SP plays selections from the unreleased History And Collected Improvisations Of The Mothers Of Invention set and (somewhat lamely) attempts to promote his newly reissued books, Professor Ekers has the lowdown on FZ and the Vocoder and Jam Master […]

Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention – One Size Fits All

December 1, 2011

Note-for-note transcriptions with tab for all nine tracks from Zappa's classic 1975 release: Andy Can't Afford No Shoes Evelyn, A Modified Dog Florentine Pogen Inca Roads Po-Jama People San Ber'dino Sofa No. 1 Sofa No. 2.  Transcriptions by Addi Booth Publisher: Hal LeonardPublication Date: December 1, 2011ISBN: 9780634061110UPC: 073999906240Print Length: 184 pagesDimensions: 9”W x 12”L​English […]

ZappaCast Episode #4: Part Three

November 9, 2011

And now the thrilling conclusion! In this final part of our three-part look at the 1971 Vaudeville band, we hear some great music from the Fall 1971 European “disaster tour”. We also get a golden opportunity to chat with Pauline Butcher about her new book FREAK OUT! MY LIFE WITH FRANK ZAPPA and the legendary […]

ZappaCast Episode #4: Part Two

September 26, 2011

The Vaudeville mayhem continues! We have more for ya…more music, more roundtable discussion, more more more! The ZappaCast…just for you, Mr./Ms. Snazzy Listener Person!

ZappaCast Episode #4: Part One

August 14, 2011

Here comes our bullet! The ZappaCast is back, and this time we’re serving up a heaping helping of Vaudeville Band (or the Flo & Eddie era of The Mothers) for you over the course of three episodes. In this episode we chronicle the formation of the Flo & Eddie-era band with lots of rare music […]

ZappaCast Episode #3

May 31, 2011

Go all the way (back) with the ZappaCast! In this episode, we take a look at the earliest (musical) workings of FZ with the help of Zappa scholar extraordinaire Greg Russo. Lots of rare music abounds in this one, folks. And we get the first installment of Mick Ekers’ new segment ZAPPA’S GEAR–looking at the […]

ZappaCast Episode #2: Part Two

March 31, 2011

More hard stuff! There is so much 1988 Zappa goodness here that it’s impossible to know where to begin. Tons of rare audio goodness abounds as we complete what wound up being a four-hour look at the 1988 FZ Broadway The Hard Way tour. We also hear guest spots from Mats & Morgan and the […]